Out There Sports is more than just a business - it's an identity.

The idea for ​Out There Sports was conceived by owner Chris Muir in the early 2000s. Passionate for sport and an able businessman, Chris and a sports company seemed to be a perfect match. Unfortunately for Chris, the opportunity didn't arise. Over the years, however, Chris never gave up on his dream, and, in 2009, a space in the centre of Dunmow High Street became available. Chris immediately took action and worked tirelessly to put what had at first been seen as a fanciful concept into action. 

Finally, in September of 2010, a good half decade after Chris was struck with the idea, Out There Sports opened for business. 

Immediately, Out There became a cornerstone of the Great Dunmow community, providing high quality goods at strikingly low prices. These, combined with the kind of customer service unbeknownst to the majority of the major retailers, helped Out There create an indelible impression on both the residents of and the visitors to the surrounding area. 

Throughout the course of the next seven years, Out There has continued to improve and expand, developing far-reaching connections throughout Essex and competently bolstering stock on a regular basis, while all the while keeping true to its Dunmow roots, repeatedly participating in local and charity competitions and fundraisers. Our record consists of such successful events as the Great Dunmow Olympics of 2012 and the annual Great Dunmow Carnival.

Adding to these successes is the countywide network that Chris and his company have established through hard work and skillful management, through which we expect to grow and evolve. 

Our philosophy? In truth, it comes down to four things:

  • ​High quality products ​- Out There Sports stocks goods from a wide range of sports - from hockey to table tennis, rugby to darts - all available at a click of a button or upon request at our store. Furthermore, if we don't have exactly what you require, our direct links with such global sporting brands as Adidas and Nike ensure that we can order in your desired products in a matter of days
  • ​Competitive prices ​- for years, Out There has been fighting the common misconception that local companies' prices will always be higher than those brands at your nearest shopping centre. A large part of Out There's visible success is the fact that we here have proven such judgements wrong, with all commodities held under our name sold at fair and reasonable amounts. Don't believe us? Just come in and see!
  • ​Unrivaled customer service ​- if there's one thing we can offer that no one else can, it's that personal touch. No matter when or why, our staff will always be happy to help with your needs or enquiries and will always give you their honest opinion. Over time, our committed employees have forged long-lasting social connections with the majority of the Dunmow area, reaffirming Out There's status as a brand that cares
  • ​A community ethos ​- Out There has gradually gained a solid reputation throughout the district as a reliable firm to support any sporting endeavour. It is for this reason, then, that we have constructed strong relationships with a plethora of local clubs, teams, schools and centres. Our notable clients include Helena Romanes School in Great Dunmow, Great Dunmow Lawn Tennis Club and Blue Hornets Hockey Club, based in Felsted, to name a few. Despite this, we are always looking to expand our horizons, so, if you feel as though your needs could be better represented and supplied by us, then give us a call or send us an email. We're always happy to help and respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. Our services include, personalised kits and accessories, customised badges, shirts, names, etc., the engraving of trophies, and the restringing and regripping of rackets, clubs, bats, sticks, etc.

Does this take your fancy? If so, are contact details are as follows:

Number: ​01371 872 055

Email:​ outtheresports@talktalk.net

​Simply drop us a message. ​Our dedicated staff will be sure to get back to you in no time.

One last thing, however, must be born in mind:

​Live Life... Get Out There.